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Waste Disposal Project

1. Good sorting results
The waste disposal project can realize effective sorting of waste plastic, waste rubber, waste cloth, waste metal and brick and impurities in domestic waste. The sorting purity can be up to 95%. The sorting rate of plastic, rubber, cloth can be extremely high which can be up to 98%.

2. Highly automated
Asia-Pacific Energy has the proprietary intellectual property rights of the automated, intelligent and advance core technology which adopts video monitoring, remote operation and fully closed production to realize unguarded, safe, environment friendly and pollution free waste disposal.

3. Resource maximization
Besides the high sorting purity, this project can realize sorting of various types of waste components which can be used to produce organic fertilizer, construction material, fuel oil or be used for metal recovery. Then the products can be widely used for agricultural production, industrial power generation, heating for residents, construction of cities and towns.

4. Low operating costs
This project has the following advantages: large waste disposal capacity, high degree of automation, less personnel demand, strong universality of the accessories matched with the equipment, few vulnerable parts, easy maintenance and long service life.

Applicable raw material: domestic waste.
Craft introduction

1. Transport the recycled municipal solid waste to the waste sorting equipment by conveyor for sorting. And then carry out rough sorting of degradable organics, inorganic matter, light plastic material and heavy metal.

2. The degradable organics will be transported to the biological treatment system so that we can get high value added clean gas CNG through bioengineering. The slag can be used as highly efficient bio-organic fertilizer.

3. The inorganic matter will be used to produce baking-free brick by using modern automation equipment.

4. With no need of brushing, the non-degradable plastics will be directly transported to the pyrolysis workshop for non oxidative pyrolysis in order to extract fuel oil with high calorific value. The metal in the plastic is fully recycled at the same time. So this project can realize reclamation, harmless treatment and minimization of municipal solid waste.

Schematic diagram of the technological process

1. Municipal solid waste
2. 2H-1600 hydraulic municipal solid waste balancing machine with gate
3. Block shape municipal solid waste crusher
4. FL-1500 1# plastic and impurity separator
5. Multifunction box sorting machine
6. FL-1400 double stage impurity separator
7. FL-1600 2# plastic and impurity separator
8. HG-1500 municipal solid waste dryer machine
9. Hydraulic municipal solid waste baler
10. Marsh gas
11. Biogas fermentation

12. Waste plastic
13. Waste cloth
14. Waste organics
15. GD-1500 organics refined sorting machine
16. 2Z-1200# sorting machine
17. Waste brick and stone
18. Nonmetal
19. Waste plastic
20. Waste cloth
21. Clean waste plastic
22. Pyrolysis equipment
23. Fuel oil

Compared with the traditional waste disposal method

1. Compared with the traditional landfill
The traditional municipal solid waste landfill needs a lot of land. It will pollute the underground water source as well, thus causing secondary environmental pollution such as mosquitos and flies growing, infesting rats and stinking smell. The direct landfill will cause wasting of the waste resources because it can't be recycled.

While the waste disposal project occupies small area and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. It can also turn waste into wealth by recycling the waste resources.

2. Compared with the traditional waste incineration
The traditional waste incineration will release large quantity of harmful gas and dust, thus causing secondary pollution on the atmosphere and surroundings. The construction and operating cost is high so that it will cause huge losses in government and enterprises. Besides, not all kinds of waste can be treated by incineration. It can't realize economical waste disposal as well.

While construction and operating cost of the waste disposal project is low. This project has wide application. Besides, the sorting and recycling idea of waste disposal can realize maximized utilization, innocent treatment and reclamation of the waste. This project can also operate according to local conditions and make the best use of the waste, thus realizing maximization of economic benefit.

3. Compared with the traditional municipal solid waste composting
There are many uncontrollable factors such as climate and microorganism in natural waste disposal method, the traditional municipal solid waste composting, so that it can't realize scale industrialized treatment. And the toxic and harmful components, flammable and combustible components, radioactive substance, waste plastic, waste rubber can't be degraded so that they will cause secondary environmental pollution.

While the waste disposal project can not only realize customized design and scale industrialized treatment. The operation is simple and automated as well. This project can realize high efficiency waste disposal. It can ensure safe operating process of waste disposal at the same time.

Main equipment sets

1. Hydraulic municipal solid waste balancing machine with gate
This balancing machine adopts box type design and automated remote control. It has the following features: no leakage, no pollution, high efficiency and continuous operation. It is equipped with internal drive roll and driven roller, anti-expansion device, anti-winding device, crushing device and balancing device which can realize effective waste pretreatment and balanced feeding, thus it is the key equipment which can ensure smooth operation of subsequent treatment node of the waste sorting process.

2. Block shape municipal solid waste crusher
This crusher has the following advantages: small starting resistance, dust free, no material leakage, low energy consumption, high efficiency. It is equipped with internal moving hammer knife, static blade and anti-winding device etc. which can be used for mixing breaking up of adhesive and agglomerate waste, automatic shredding of bags and boxes waste, crushing of chunks of organics. So the winnowing of heavy and light components and magnetic separation of metal of waste sorting will be in good conditions. This machine is a key equipment of pretreatment of municipal solid waste sorting.

3. Plastic and impurity separator
This separator adopts fully closed design which is mainly used for shredding of chunks of waste, so that the waste will be in small pieces. It is equipped with internal unique impurity separating structure which can effectively separate the adhesive dust and some other impurities from the waste. This equipment has the following advantages: simple structure, stable performance, thorough separation and easy operation.

4. 2Z-1200 pulverizer
This pulverizer has the following advantages: reliable performance, strong applicability, unique structure, small volume, high efficiency, safe, environment friendly and pollution free. It is equipped with internal moving and static hammer which can realize mixing smashing of mud, dust-clumps, particulate matter, leaf, vegetable leaf, weed and some other flat waste by the power of high speed operation.

5. GD-1500 organics refined sorting machine
This refined sorting machine has the following features: sealed production, low energy consumption, safe and stable operation, large sorting quantity, unique structure, automated remote control. It is equipped with internal refined sorting structure which can realize refined sorting of impurities in the waste into five types: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The first four classes can be used for further production of organic fertilizer which can be used for crops, flower nursery and orchard according to the particle size. The main components of the 5th type is plastic, rubber, cloth and some other organics which can be used to produce fuel oil by pyrolysis.

6. Multifunction box sorting machine
This box sorting machine adopts fully closed design, thus effectively prevent pollution caused by light material and dust during the waste sorting. It is equipped with internal advanced magnetic separator, pneumatic separator, air-current mixer and some other core sorting devices which can effectively separate the municipal solid waste such as grit, waste metal, light organics, waste crushed aggregates, waste rubber, waste cloth etc.

7. 1400 double stage impurity separator
This separator can realize mixing shredding and crashing of light waste adhered with mud and some other impurities by internal optimized double stage roll. It can separate the mud and some other impurities from the waste through the movement in two directions.

8. HG-1500 municipal solid waste dryer machine
This dryer machine adopts sealed design so that it is heat retaining, energy saving and anti-pollution. The internal of this machine adopts multi-layer S movement which can take full use of the waste heat of the gas flue. It can ensure the drying effect of the waste as well as reducing operating cost.

9. Municipal solid waste baler
This baler mainly consists of machine rack, oil cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic valve, motor etc. It adopts automatic PLC control. This machine has the following features: easy operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of automation, high pressure, continuous production ability, high operating efficiency etc.

10. Mechanical conveyor
The mechanical conveyor adopts safety net and tempered glass shell according to the latest national standard of security, so that it is safer.

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