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Why Us
1. Raw Material Control

To guarantee the quality of our biodiesel equipment, refining equipment, and other environmental protection equipment, all of our raw steels are from Taigang, Baosteel, Anyang Steel, and other well-known suppliers in China. The good properties of high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel have made it competent for pressure vessels.

Some of the materials we use are listed below:
GB/T13296-2007 S30408 stainless steel pipes for boiler heat exchanger
GB/T14976-2012 stainless steel tubes
GB713-2008 Q245R/Q345R/Q370R steel plates for boilers and pressure containers
GB/T8163-2010 10/20 seamless steel pipes for liquid transportation
GB/T24511-2009 S20408/S30403 stainless steel plates and steel coils for pressure equipment

2. Production Process Control

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Our machining factory is well equipped with CNC plasma cutting machine, air plasma arc cutting machine, and other cutting equipment, which has made it rather convenient to cut 20mm carbon steel or boiler steel. With gantry structure, plasma cutting system, coupled with bilateral driving mechanism, this CNC plasma cutter allows for stable performance and high working efficiency. The beam structure helps to effectively avoid deformation and ensure precision. For the horizontal and vertical driving part, rack and pinion transmission system is employed to maintain the stable running and high accuracy of the cutting machine.

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear
Utilizing the master cylinder (fixed on wall) to perform shear motion downward and return for nitrogen cylinder, the hydraulic swing beam shear has largely simplified the hydraulic system and shown better performance in stability. During shearing, the upper tool holder swings along a fixed axis, which is an application of leverage effect. Under this state, the force the fulcrum bears is small, allowing for longer life of the knife as well as the equipment. This machine features compact structure, and is able to adjust the stroke of upper knife steplessly, making the working efficiency rather high.

Rolling Machine
Rolling machine is employed to roll different thickness of carbon steel, boiler steel, and other profiles into cylinders.

Arc Welding Rectifier

Vertical Lathe & Radial Drilling Machine

3. Experienced Team & Comprehensive Experimental Devices

In ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY, we have a professional team the members of which have worked in the energy protection and equipment industry for 20 years. A comprehensive laboratory is set to inspect the quality of raw materials thus guaranteeing our equipment's quality.

Introduction to Key Personnel

a. Chief engineer, Zhong Chuanxue
Mr. Zhong was graduated from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College of China University of Petroleum. He is a number of China Renewable Energy Association. 20 years' working in the new energy and chemical industry had endowed him with rich experience. Mr. Zhong has applied for several patents during his work.

b. Chief qualify inspector, Dang Changke
Mr. Dang is in charge of the quality inspection line. To ensure a 99.9% pass rate, each detail during production must be controlled strictly.

4. Biodiesel Equipment Display

In the laboratory, we have introduced comprehensive set of equipment to control the quality of the raw materials as well as the finished fuel products.

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