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Pyrolysis Oil Production Project
Product introduction

The traditional pyrolysis oil production has the following disadvantages: the difficulty in sealed feeding during continuous production under high temperature, the corrosion of the equipment caused by sulfide and chloride in the material, the blocking of the pipeline of the backend equipment during the production. The pyrolysis oil production project has solved all these problems. Asia-Pacific Energy can provide complete integrated solutions such as equipment, technology, marketing, R&D etc. for organic solid waste refining.

Main characteristics

1. The project can operate in micro negative pressure of the internal system in order to prevent the gas leakage. So this production craft is environment friendly.

2. The pyrolysis equipment adopts horizontal dual drive rotational structure design so that it can ensure uniform heating of the equipment. So the service life of the equipment is longer.

3. The equipment adopts special process design which can remove the corrosive gas effectively, thus reducing corrosion damage of the equipment and air pollution.

4. The outlet of the equipment adopts special structure which can protect it from being blocked, so that the running is safer.

5. It adopts innovative multistage separator as the internal structure which can separate the produced gas and impurities effectively, thus reducing the probability of corrosion and blocking of the equipment system.

6. The pyrolysis equipment is equipped with automatic feeding and tapping system in order to shorten the time of loading and unloading, save labor cost and production cost and increase production efficiency.

7. The brand new self-cleaning condensing system solves the problem that the condenser pipe will be easily blocked.

Main process

The pyrolysis oil production project has the following main processes:
Continuous micro negative pressure pyrolysis, continuous normal pressure pyrolysis, batch micro negative pressure pyrolysis, batch normal pressure pyrolysis.

Work flow
Work flow

1. Dust discharge
2. Counter-curreng wet dust removal tower
3. Hear ultization waste gas
4. Dust gas
5. Residual-heat ultization
6. Automatic feed
7. Micro negative pressure
8. Multistage
9. Multifunction retiring tower
10. Automatic stag-out system

11. Gas recovery system
12. Heavy oil receiving system
13. Condenser
14. Carton black
15. Steel wire
16. Gas and liquild separation device
17. Micro negative processure
18. Product
19. Light oil receiving system

Applicable raw material

Waste tire (including various machine tire and tire bead etc.); waste rubber, waste shoe sole, inner tube, common cable sheath, bicycle and motorbike tire; waste plastic: waste PMMA, PE (high price; mainly used to produce plastic particles), PET (transparent beverage bottles; try not to use it), PVC (water pipe), PP (disposable water cup; try not to use it) and various waste Nylon products.

Crude oil yield
Raw material Oil yield
General purpose plastic PVC (including thin film, cable, floor, sheet material, pipe, shoe sole, toy, doors and windows, electric wire sheath, stationery etc.) Not easy to refining
PE (including thin film, bottle, insulating material of electric appliance, hand bag, water pipe, oil drum, beverage bottle, daily necessities etc.) About 95%
PP (including thin film, plastic rope, food container, pot, bucket, furniture, woven bag, bottle cap, bumper etc.) About 90%
PS (including electric appliance, stationery, cup, food container, home appliance shell, electrical accessories, foam product, toy etc.) About 90%
ABS About 40%
Pure white plastic cloth About 70%
Instant noddle wrapper About 40%
Plastic trademark About 20%
Leftovers of the paper mill 15%-20%
Taking out directly 12%-15%
Bleaching finished 33%-40%
Jetsam About 50%
Domestic waste 30%-50%
Pure plastic cable sheath About 80%
Clean plastic bags About 50%
General purpose rubber Big car tire About 45%
Small car tire and bicycle tire About 35%
Rubber cable sheath and shoe sole 35%
Sneakers 20%-30%
Waste chemical fiber carpet material More than 30%
PMMA About 90%
Mixed rubber About 35%
Waste straw (wheat straw, maize straw, peanut straw, soybean straw, cotton straw, rice straw, wood chips) 30%-40%
Terminal products

The terminal products produced from waste tires by pyrolysis oil production: 45% tire oil, 35% carbon black, 12-15% steel wire and 5-8% exhaust gas. The tire oil can also be called as fuel oil which can be sold directly or be used as boiler fuel, fuel for bath center, canteen and floor tile calcination. It can also be deep processed into organic solvent and vehicle fuel by refining equipment. The carbon black can also be sold directly as fuel. It can also be deep processed by carbon black refining equipment which can be divided into two types: one type of the equipment can produce terminal products of 300-1000 mesh which can be used to produce rubber and tire filler, another type of the equipment can produce terminal products of 1000-2500 mesh which can be used to produce industrial carbon black, printing ink etc. The plastic oil can also be call as fuel oil which can be sold directly or be used as fuel. The carbon black produced by plastic has relatively low quality so that it is used as fuel.

Notes: the terminal products of other waste raw materials are similar to the above.

Terminal products
Equipment safety

The material and production of the equipment of the pyrolysis oil production project meet the national standard of steel vessel. The equipment is running under the micro negative pressure which can effectively prevent gas leakage. The non-condensable gas includes C1-C4 hydrocarbon organics, hydrogen chloride, sulphur, formic acid, acetic acid and some other corrosive gas. The direct burning of these gas may cause severe corrosion of the equipment of even major safety accident.

The production process of the pyrolysis oil production project can ensure safety:
1. Removing of the corrosive and harmful gas;
2. This project has two independent systems by isolating the micro negative pressure system and burning system;
3. It is equipped with two liquid seal gas isolating safety devices and one specific backdraft protector;
4. The safe combustion can be realize in the gas burning system.

More importantly, we adopt multi-touch control of temperature and pressure, automatic over temperature and pressure alarm system. We also adopt the latest automatic over pressure blasting as the replacement of the pop-off valve. The project system is also equipped with pressure relief device which can ensure the pressure balance during the machine running.

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