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Project Solutions
  • Biodiesel Production Project

    1. Advanced craft: the biodiesel production project doesn't adopt sulfuric acid as catalyst, thus solving the problem thoroughly that the equipment will be corroded by sulfuric acid. And the sulphur content of the products can meet the standard of EU.

    2. Low investment: because there is no reaction between methanol and free fatty acid in this project, there will be no water in the methanol, thus reducing the investment in equipment.

    3. Environment friendly: by not using inorganic acid, the emission of acid water and acid asphalt is greatly reduced and thus reducing the environmental pollution relatively.

    4. Cost saving: part of the glycerin can be continuously recycled. Meanwhile, the products and raw materials can go through continuous heat exchange which can realize heat energy recycling. So this project can greatly save cost.

  • Pyrolysis Oil Production Project

    The traditional pyrolysis oil production has the following disadvantages: the difficulty in sealed feeding during continuous production under high temperature, the corrosion of the equipment caused by sulfide and chloride in the material, the blocking of the pipeline of the backend equipment during the production. The pyrolysis oil production project has solved all these problems. Asia-Pacific Energy can provide complete integrated solutions such as equipment, technology, marketing, R&D etc. for organic solid waste refining.

    Terminal products
  • Waste Disposal Project

    1. Good sorting results
    The waste disposal project can realize effective sorting of waste plastic, waste rubber, waste cloth, waste metal and brick and impurities in domestic waste. The sorting purity can be up to 95%. The sorting rate of plastic, rubber, cloth can be extremely high which can be up to 98%.

    2. Highly automated
    Asia-Pacific Energy has the proprietary intellectual property rights of the automated, intelligent and advance core technology which adopts video monitoring, remote operation and fully closed production to realize unguarded, safe, environment friendly and pollution free waste disposal.

    3. Resource maximization
    Besides the high sorting purity, this project can realize sorting of various types of waste components which can be used to produce organic fertilizer, construction material, fuel oil or be used for metal recovery. Then the products can be widely used for agricultural production, industrial power generation, heating for residents, construction of cities and towns.

  • Waste Sorting Project

    The craft and equipment of the waste sorting project of the municipal solid waste can realize effective sorting, disposal and utilization of different components of the domestic waste by using advance balance system, crushing system, separating system, drying system, transportation system and application system, thus actually realizing harmless treatment, reclamation and minimization of waste. This project has good sorting results and high degree of automation. It can make the best use of the waste resources while realizing volume and quantity reducing and harmless treatment of the waste. This project is relatively advanced integrated municipal solid waste disposal equipment in China now, filling the gap of domestic waste refined sorting machine. So it can realize the remarkable effect of turning the municipal solid waste into wealth.

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