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About Asia-Pacific Energy

As a bioenergy solution supplier, ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY is expert in providing largewaste recycling equipment, oil refining equipment, and solid waste processing equipment, etc. We were established in 2011, with the production base spanning an area of 220 thousand m2. The total investment is 950 million yuan. In ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY, we have full range of workshops and processing equipment, like the machining workshop, the plant for refining equipment, the biodiesel plant with annual production of 5 tons, the stacking area, and the office and public regions. Today ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY has been the largest production base of biodiesel, as well as the largest demonstration garden for comprehensively utilizing crop residues in China.

The production catalogue of ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY incorporates: biodiesel equipment (utilizing waste oil and animal or vegetable oils), organic waste processing equipment, waste tire recycling equipment, rubber recycling equipment, plastic recycling equipment, Acrylic glass recycling equipment, oil sand processing equipment, and garbage processing facility, etc. ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY provides clients the most comprehensive bioenergy solutions.

Under the effort of sales department, our bioenergy equipment has been exported to Italy, Serbia, Poland, Dubai, Pakistan, South Korea, India, South Africa, among other countries and regions.

So far, ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY has introduced 40 sets of laboratory equipment and several technology centers, which cover 57300m2. Infrastructure includes R & D center, expert apartments, exhibition hall, and so on. Our technology center and laboratory were separately rated as Henan Biodiesel Refining and Equipment Engineering Search Center, and Henan Biological Refining Engineering Laboratory.

In February 2015, ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY was listed on New Third Board, with a code of 831950. We have obtained 4 patents for invention and over 20 utility patents, and have passed many necessary certifications, like ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001, and CE, etc.

A general view
Office and factories
Machining workshops
Equipment for refining oil from organic solid waste
Biodiesel plant with an annual production capacity of 50 thousand tons
Stacking and shipping area

Henan Asia-Pacific Energy and Technology Co., Ltd.

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