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Developing History

By merging Henan Xinghuo Bio-Energy Co., Ltd, Henan ASIA-PACIFIC Energy Technology Group CO., Ltd was established, and then entered the environmental protection and waste recycling industry.

A Korean client spoke highly of our biodiesel and agreed to cooperate with us. That made us the first corporation in China to export Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) to Korea.

The FAME prepared to be shipped to Korea

To keep up with the pace of market expansion, we built 250 thousand m2 of factories, and changed our name to Henan ASIA-PACIFIC Energy And Technology Co., Ltd. This plant expansion has largely improved our production capacity, and laid a solid foundation for our place in the industry.

Newly built factories

Clients from United Arab Emirates came to visit our factory and were very satisfied with our biodiesel processing techniques. We became the first Chinese enterprise to export whole set of biodiesel equipment overseas.

In February 2015, we were listed on the New Third Board. Name: ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY; code: 831950

Listing ceremony

A Pakistani client visited us in October, 2015, and ordered 3t of biodiesel equipment. In 2016, the equipment commissioning was finished successively and has brought our customers dramatic economic benefits.

The 3t biodiesel equipment was used in client's biodiesel production project

At the beginning of 2016, we served a client from Serbia, who was satisfied with our solid waste refining equipment. That's a mark that we have entered the European market.

Commissioning for the biodiesel equipment was finished

Henan Asia-Pacific Energy and Technology Co., Ltd.

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