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Client Examples
  • Clients from Argentina
  • Clients from Turkmenistan
  • Clients from Australia

A biodiesel factory from United Arab Emirates
(Biodiesel equipment with an annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons)
  • Technical training upon the biodiesel equipment
  • Construction site
  • Construction site
  • Equipment shipping

A biodiesel plant in Pakistan
(Biodiesel equipment with an annual production of 30 thousand tons)
  • Construction site
  • The biodiesel production plant working in the night
  • Celebration for the biodiesel program conducted by BTE from Pakistan and ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY
  • Biodiesel equipment shipping
  • Client visit

Client from Ethiopia
Biodiesel equipment exported to Ethiopia

Clients from Poland
(Plastic recycling equipment with a daily processing capacity of 20 tons)
  • Commissioning for the plastic treatment equipment in Poland

Clients from Mauritania
(Waste oil recycling equipment with 20t daily processing capacity)
  • Installation site for the oil recycling equipment

Clients from India
(Plastic recycling equipment with a daily processing capacity of 20 tons)
  • Negotiation
  • Factory visit
  • Equipment shipping
Clients from Sudan

Clients from Serbia
(Tire oil refining equipment with 20t of daily processing capacity)
  • Construction site

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