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About Thinkfor Bioenergy

Henan Thinkfor Bioenergy is a new energy development enterprise which is the branch company of Asia-Pacific Energy. It is a professional manufacturer of motor biodiesel, bioasphalt, FAME (fatty acid methyl ester), environment-friendly plasticizer, MES etc. These products passed the detection of Henan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and met the national standard of biodiesel blend stock (BD100) for diesel engine fuels. Thinkfor bioenergy is an enterprise which can produce biodiesel meeting EU standard in early years. The products and equipment sets have been sold to many provinces in China. They have been also exported to Korea, Australia, Finland, Italy and some other countries. The customers at home and abroad highly praised our oil quality and equipment.

Henan Thinkfor Bioenergy has a project which can produce 50,000 tons of biodiesel annually. It was listed as one project of the 11th Five-Year Plan by Henan Development and Reform Commission while Thinkfor Bioenergy was listed as one of the 50 high growth enterprises in Henan. The straw oil utilization and conversion was listed as one project of the 12th Five-Year Plan as well. Now, Henan Thinkfor Bioenergy establishes strategic partnership agreement with Sinopec Group under the leading and guiding of Henan energy administration. We are now carrying out planning and construction of biodiesel project with annual output of more than 500,000 tons.

Henan Thinkfor Bioenergy is a relatively large development and production base of biodiesel in China and a demonstration park of comprehensive utilization of straw. The independently developed equipment which can produce biodiesel from waste oils has the following features: unique craft, environment friendly, easy operation etc. It has also got more than 10 national patents. The core device, turbulent tubular reactor, is first developed and put into use by our company. The independently developed biodiesel integrated technology of reaction and separation can save energy consumption up to 60%. Meanwhile, it can protect the equipment from being corroded.

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