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About Green Resources New Energy

Henan Green Resources new energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asia-Pacific Energy (stock code: 831950). It has RMB 20 million of registered capital. Green Resources new energy mainly produces biodiesel, fuel oil, oil dope, lubricating oil, prepackaged food, general merchandise, petroleum products etc. The biodiesel, which is produced from palm acid oil such as oil of oil crops, wild oil plant, transgenic microalgae and some other aquatic plant, animal oil and fat and food waste oil, is a renewable and clean replacement of the petroleum diesel produced by patented technique and unique craft.

Compared with the regular diesel, the biodiesel has the following features: high cetane number, good lubricity, environment friendly, good performance in inflammability, safety and renewability. The mixed-use of biodiesel and petroleum diesel can increase the utilization so that it can reach the max power of using diesel and it has good overload performance. By adopting biodiesel, the CO emission of automobile exhaust can be reduced by 95%. Meanwhile, there is no emission of sulfur dioxide, lead and some other toxic substances. Using the biodiesel has the following advantages: corrosion free for engine and oil circuit, coking free for nozzle and no carbon deposit in combustor. It also has good lubricating property which can reduce wear rate of fuel injection pump, engine cylinder block and connecting rod.

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