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Waste Rubber Recycling Pyrolysis Plant

    1. Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Oil PlantMain pyrolysis furnace (patent number: ZL 2012 1 0206913.X): this pyrolysis furnace can be used for pyrolysis of waste tire, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste PMMA and some other materials. It can prevent combustible gas leakage, thus greatly improve production safety.
    1. Waste Screw Conveyor EquipmentThe waste screw conveyor equipment adopts compression of screw feeder and resistance of the back pressure valve to generate compacted material plug. The material plug will be continuously pushed forward because of the additional raw material, thus realizing continuous feeding.
    1. Oil Gas SeparatorThe oil gas separator can prevent the contact of non-condensable gas in the system with the open air and prevent backfire of burner, thus avoiding the accident effectively. It uses water as the medium to effectively isolate the combustible gas in the process from the combustion process.
    1. Flame ArrestorIt can effectively ensure the safety of gas line and utility points. The pipeline flame arrestor is a safety equipment which is used to prevent flame spreading and explosion caused by backfire of combustible gas and steam of flammable liquid.
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