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Waste Processing Plant

    1. Municipal Solid Waste Sorting EquipmentThe household waste processing equipment (basis type) developed in-house by ASIA-PACIFIC ENERGY is mainly comprised of 2H-1600 hydraulic ram equalizer for domestic garbage, block crusher for domestic waste, FL-1500 plastic separator, 2Z-1200 crusher, and GD-1500 organic sorting machine.
    1. Municipal Solid Waste Processing EquipmentMultifunction separation equipment (patent number: ZL 2014 2 0467359.5): the main function of the separation equipment is to remove the solid particles and liquid drops from the gas as much as possible, thus realizing gas-liquid-solid separation. This can ensure normal operation of oil refining pipelines and equipment sets.
    1. Municipal Solid Waste Dryer MachineThe municipal solid waste dryer machine is a forced drying plant of waste plastics with water content. The retention time of the material in the dryer machine is decided by the internal temperature of the dryer machine and the moisture content. For light material which is material with 80%-90% plastics (the others are rubber and cloth), it should be dried when the moisture content is 4%-10%.
    1. Municipal Solid Waste BalerThe municipal solid waste baler is mainly used for compressing and baling of waste plastics which is cleaned thoroughly, laying a foundation for the subsequent storage and non-pollutional treatment. It mainly consists of machine rack, oil cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic valve, motor etc. It adopts automatic PLC control.
    1. Medical Waste Processing EquipmentIn the whole pyrolysis process, any chemical additives may generate poisonous or harmful materials are avoided. The exhaust and waste gas is processed appropriately for recycling, and all of the operations are done in sealed high-temperature pyrolysis furnace. The waste processing equipment is of easy operation and zero pollution.
    1. Medical Waste Separation MachineThe medical waste separation machine adopts fully closed design which is mainly used for shredding of chunks of waste, so that the waste will be in small pieces. It is equipped with internal unique impurity separating structure which can effectively separate the adhesive dust and some other impurities from the waste.
    1. Rotary Drum Screen SeparatorThe rotary drum screen separator is mainly used for further separation, capturing and storage of dried impurities from the surface of plastics by rotation and crashing. The structure design of the separator is reasonable; the rotation is stable; it also has low cost, easy maintenance and high safety and reliability.
    1. Food Waste Processing EquipmentThe waste processing plant covers only small area
      The 1st and 2nd fermentation process is done completely inner the reaction tank to isolate the stench
      The feeding and discharging is conducted continuously and automatically
    1. Food Waste Shredding MachineThe food waste shredding machine has the following advantages: small starting resistance, dust free, no material leakage, low energy consumption, high efficiency. It is equipped with internal moving hammer knife, static blade and anti-winding device etc.
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