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Biodiesel Production Plant

    1. Biodiesel Production EquipmentOur diesel plant is a case has absolutely abandoned the traditional ways of using sulfuric acid as the catalyst, completely solved the difficulty of corrosion. The biodiesel generated this way from waste oil can also reach the EU standards.
    1. Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Production Equipment Most waste animal and vegetable oil has high acid value while the acid value of biodiesel is quite low. In order to reduce the acid value, we adopt synchronous esterification of the gas phase and liquid phase of methanol, thus saving reaction time.
    1. Biodiesel Deacidification EquipmentThe equipment is equipped with heating device. The two kinds of gases will get sufficient contact with each other in the equipment and will be neutralized, thus effectively removing the acidic material carried by methanol. This can prevent the equipment from being corroded by the corrosive gas and thus prolonging the service life.
    1. Biodiesel Esterification ReactorThe biodiesel esterification reactor can be used as the esterification reaction device during the biodiesel production. It is also a pre-esterification reaction device which can be suitable for all kinds of materials. This reactor is an independently developed new product of Asia-Pacific Energy which is used to meet the revised standard of biodiesel BD100.
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