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Biodiesel Plant

    1. Biodiesel Production EquipmentOur diesel plant is a case has absolutely abandoned the traditional ways of using sulfuric acid as the catalyst, completely solved the difficulty of corrosion. The biodiesel generated this way from waste oil can also reach the EU standards.
    1. Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Production Equipment Most waste animal and vegetable oil has high acid value while the acid value of biodiesel is quite low. In order to reduce the acid value, we adopt synchronous esterification of the gas phase and liquid phase of methanol, thus saving reaction time.
    1. Biodiesel Deacidification EquipmentThe equipment is equipped with heating device. The two kinds of gases will get sufficient contact with each other in the equipment and will be neutralized, thus effectively removing the acidic material carried by methanol. This can prevent the equipment from being corroded by the corrosive gas and thus prolonging the service life.
    1. Biodiesel Esterification ReactorThe biodiesel esterification reactor can be used as the esterification reaction device during the biodiesel production. It is also a pre-esterification reaction device which can be suitable for all kinds of materials. This reactor is an independently developed new product of Asia-Pacific Energy which is used to meet the revised standard of biodiesel BD100.
    1. Biodiesel Glycerin Distillation EquipmentThe biodiesel glycerin distillation equipment can be used for further refinement of crude methyl alcohol and glycerin, thus producing more premium oils. The refining process has the following steps: degumming, neutralization, decolorization, winterization, deodorization etc. You can choose some or all steps according to the types of crude oil.
    1. Pesticide Additive Distillation EquipmentThe pesticide additive distillation equipment can be run under micro negative pressure state so that it can prevent gas leakage. The process is environment friendly. The distillation equipment adopts horizontal dual drive rotational structure design so that it can ensure uniform heating of the equipment. So the service life of the equipment is longer.
    1. Glycerol Biodiesel Separation EquipmentThe glycerol biodiesel separation equipment is a separation device of crude methyl ester and glycerin independently developed by Asia-Pacific Energy. It can be matched with tubular reactor to realize automatic separation of crude methyl ester and glycerin during continuous production of biodiesel with no need of external power.
    1. Glycerin Distillation ColumnIt is a kind of compound self shunt reduced pressure distillation column which integrates the function of distillation, rectification and separation together. It reduces the retention time of oils in the column, thus ensuring the beautiful color of the oils.
    1. Flash Distillation EquipmentThe function of the flash distillation equipment is to realize rapid gastification of fluid and then to realize gas-liquid separation. This means that this equipment can boil the fluid in the flash distillation equipment through pressure reduction to realize gas-liquid separation.
    1. Fat and Oil Transesterification ReactorThe fat and oil transesterification reactor is mainly matched with the esterification reactor in order to realize sufficient contact of oil, catalyst and methyl alcohol (or glycerin), improve reaction speed and productivity during esterification reaction.
    1. Tubular Esterification ReactorThe tubular esterification reactor is equipped with special internal structure. When the feeding system stops, the mass transfer effect in the reactor will not be affected, thus improving the reaction efficiency. This equipment can realize continuous production of esterification and interesterification, thus improving the automation level of the production process.
    1. Raising Falling Film EvaporatorThe raising film evaporator: the feed liquid enters the heating tube from the bottom. It will rapidly evaporated after boiling. The steam will rise fast in the tube. The feed liquid will form film along the tube wall and rise along with the rapidly raising steam.
    1. Methanol Fractionating ColumnIt has the advantages of stable operation and large flexibility. When the gas phase load and liquid phase load in the column changed in a wide range, this equipment can realize stable operation with relatively high mass transfer efficiency and the retention volume in the column is quite small.
    1. Biodiesel is also called fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), widely applied in automobile, tractor, ship, oil-fired boiler, etc.As a kind of biomass energy, biodiesel is similar to petrochemical diesel in some physical properties, but not chemical components.
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